Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's On Our iPad - Speech Stickers

Throughout our Hard Candy Case giveaway, I'll be posting about our favorite apps we use on our iPad.  Some are specifically for speech therapy for my daughter who has Apraxia and some are educational.   

Speech Stickers

Speech Stickers was created by a Speech & Language Pathologist for kids with Apraxia of Speech & other significant speech delays. 

At first glance, I didn't think I would love this app, but boy was I fooled.  It has quickly grown to become one of our favorite speech therapy apps.  It's in our top 3 favorites for sure.  I guess it just goes to show you can't judge an app by it's cover photo, huh?<>
At first I thought that children would not feel like "stickers" on an iPad are as much fun as real stickers.  I was wrong about that, too. 
This app gives my daughter lots of control by giving her lots of choices, which of course she loves.<>
When you first start the app you can choose between many different CV (consonant-vowel) or VC (vowel-consonant) sounds as well as individual letter sounds.  I loved the variety of sounds, they had every sound I could think of with the exception of the "pay" sound.  Once the sound is chosen, you can pick the number of times you want the child to repeat that sound.<>
The child then picks a sticker (one of 5 characters) for each time they have to make that sound.  Each character has his own voice.<>
Once the number of sounds previously selected is reached, the child can pick from one of 10 animations to clear the stickers off the board.<>
The short animations act as a visual stimulus and reward for completing the sounds and are all things that kids love like a train, a rocket ship & shark.  Paige's favorite is the magic wand and we like to say "bippity boppity boo" and "buh bye" when the wand makes the stickers disappear.<>
Paige's favorite part of the app:
Paige loves lining up each sticker in a line.  She always picks one of each character for every round.   She also likes helping me pick which sound to work on.  Oh yeah, and of course the magic wand!
My favorite part of the app:
I love how simple the app is, and yet how many different options it has.  That is a tricky thing to master, but they did it well.  And well... let's be honest.  We're all princesses at heart... I love the magic wand, too!
This app is a pretty inexpensive speech therapy app & well worth every penny.  I recommend it for kids up to about age 6 that are in need of a basic foundation for their speech.
The creator of this app, Carol M. Fast MSPA, CCC-SLP spent a lot of time making this app so great.  It's the most well thought out app I've come across yet. 

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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you decided to purchase anything from that link.  I only recommend products  & companies that I use & love myself, so I know you will be in good hands.  Clicking on the link will in no way make you pay more, in fact, I love to look for the best prices to save you as much money as possible!  Thank you! 

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