Monday, February 24, 2014

What's on Our iPad? Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words Review & Giveaway

Throughout our Gumdrop Case giveaway, I'll be posting about our favorite apps we use on our iPad.  Some are specifically for speech therapy for my daughter who has Apraxia and some are educational.   

Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words

Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words is the second of four apps that build on each other to help people with Apraxia get the practice & correct repetition they need.

From the iTunes store:
Developed by the National Association for Child Development team, including a certified speech-language pathologist, this app practices articulation at the word level and is a logical follow-up to the original syllable-based app, Speech Therapy for Apraxia. This newer version provides choices of different patterns of articulation within words and moves through a progression of levels that challenge motor planning for speech. It begins at the production of single words with easier patterns of articulation and progresses through increasingly more difficult production sequences all the way to the production of sequences of random words.

::: Features ::::

• Choose from 9 different word groups to target.
• Words are categorized according to place of articulation of the phonemes and pattern of articulation within the word.
• For each group, choose the level at which to practice.
• Detailed instructions explain how to choose an appropriate word group and practice level.
• Moves through a logical progression of 8 different levels for motor planning for speech.
• Illustration and audio provided for each word.
• Option to repeat levels, reset, or move to next level.
• Can also be used for straight articulation drill for particular types of phonemes.

I'll walk you through this awesome app.

First, you start with this page:


Once you "Get Started", it takes you to this page:


You'll then select a word group.  Even though I've heard each of these terms several times, I get overwhelmed each time I hear them & don't always know exactly what each of them mean.  The makers of this app were very smart to have the description (& examples) of each of the word groups to the right so that everyone can understand what they are picking.  

Once you select which word group you'd like to work with, you'll select a level:


 If you pick the first level, you'll get one word at a time...


...and if you pick a harder level, there will be repetition that progressively gets more complex to give you lots of excellent repetition & practice moving your tongue in different orders.


Overall, I really like this app.  It's very easy to use, fun to look at, and very inexpensive. 

Speech Therapy for Apraxia is the first of four apps.  I love that they each build on each other & are great options!

***One awesome thing about Speech Therapy for Apraxia is that it's available for both iPads & Androids!  (most speech apps are only available for iPads). 

Download Speech Therapy for Apraxia - Words (Amazon)

And because this is such a great app, I'd love to share it with one lucky winner!

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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission if you decided to purchase anything from that link.  Clicking on the link will in no way make you pay more, in fact, I love to look for the best prices to save you as much money as possible!  I only recommend products & companies that I use & love myself, so I know you will be in good hands.  Thank you! 


  1. My favourite app is one that I don't have yet. I would like to have Proloquo2Go, like my best friend has - but she recently got a new AAC. She has apraxia and aphasia. I have aphasia and I use PogoBoards - it is a lot more work to set up, but it works well for me so it is probably my favourite app.
    I have seen a new one called Avatalker AAC that I really want to try to build grammatically correct sentences, which I am definitely capable to do (clearly).

  2. My son loves watching videos on the ipad, "Mr. Matt" especially. I downloaded an app that lets me search youtube and select videos to be displayed, so I'm not just letting him loose on the internet. It's awesome!


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