February 23, 2014

Sunday's Sharing Service

As most of you know, I launched the Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge in January.  Since then, I've received some emails from some of you sharing how you served in January.  Reading each of these emails made my day!  It was so fun to read each story & see how you creative mamma's are in raising your children to be more loving.

When I first came up with the idea for the Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge, I wanted it to be more than just me.  I wanted it to be a community of moms who shared their ideas & had a place to find even more ideas on how to serve with your kids.  Often, serving is the last thing on our busy minds, but I hope that by sharing these ideas, it can help us all to realize we can serve with our children.

And don't forget... even the most simple acts of kindness can make the most difference! 

So, today, I'd love to share these stories/ideas with you about how some other moms were able to serve with their kiddos.

(just a reminder, January's Service Challenge was to serve with toys, although I wanted to hear about  any service, even if it wasn't within the challenge)


Last month (January) I wasn't able to do the task because I have no leftover or extra toys. I did however ask a few strangers for their kindness. My husband and I have a daughter and are going to go through the steps to start fostering kids. The problem was/is we have to get bunk beds and a pack n play for the kids and a baby to sleep, Also other items. My daughter and I went to as many yard sales as we could find with kid stuff and told them our story. We were given many child's toys, a stroller, baby monitor, car seat, high chair, clothing and a few baby blankets. 

I guess you could say I got this task done in reverse.

-Angie A.


My 4 kiddos and I made banana bread and "secretly" delivered it to our neighbors and some friends that needed some encouragementšŸ˜Š

-Stephanie D.


For Valentine's, we are making white ceramic hearts, painting them and taking them to a Valentine's party we will be throwing at a local nursing home. We have already started since it will take some time to make enough of them.

-Stephanie D.


I don't know if we are going to be giving any toys away this month, but right before Christmas we boxed up several stuffed animals and miscellaneous toys and donated them to goodwill. Our daughters were a little surprised we were taking some of there (rarely played with) toys away, but we explained that they would be going to someone else who would play with them because they didn't.

And since that time, our daughters have mentioned giving away other toys.

-Katelyn F.

Want to join in the fun?!  Join our Monthly Service Challenge below!

So... I'm dying to know!  What are some ways you've served with your kids?

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