February 20, 2014

What's On Our iPad - Language Trainer Review & Giveaway!

Throughout our Gumdrop Case giveaway, I'll be posting about our favorite apps we use on our iPad.  Some are specifically for speech therapy for my daughter who has Apraxia and some are educational.   


Language Trainer

From the iTunes website:
Language Trainer was designed to assist in language therapy by utilizing technology to present pictures, phrases, and sentences to clients while collecting data. Language Trainer was created specifically to help individuals improve their mastery of spoken language. Language Trainer is ideal for those individuals who struggle with aphasia1, 2 and specific language impairment, 4, as well as for English Language Learners.

Language Trainer is yet another awesome speech app made by Smarty Ears Apps.  Smarty Ears is great at making speech apps that have many options & will grow with your child.  Just like their other apps, Language Trainer is a great option for all kids, no matter what stage of speech they are at.


When you start the app, you have 4 options: Picture Identification, Picture Naming, Divergent Naming & Sentence Completion.  

Picture Identification:


The Picture Identification section is where they tell you to find a certain object, the child will then select the object. 

Picture Naming:


The Picture Naming section is where they tell you to name whatever picture shows up. 

Divergent Naming:


The Divergent Naming section tells you to to name 2 or 3 things in a certain category.  It is a clever way to get kids to think & to speak. 

Sentence Completion:


The Sentence Completion section is where they ask you to finish the sentence.  It's also a good way to get kids thinking & use their words.

Over all, I like Language Trainer because it's visually clean, simple, easy to use & will grow with your child.  It's also one of the more unique speech therapy apps because it's available for both iPad & iPhone.  

And because the people at Smarty Ears are SO cool, they have offered a free code for the Language Trainer App!  Enter to win it below!
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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

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