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Let's Talk Tuesday - Purple Day!

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A couple of months ago, Paige was working on her initial P & medial P sounds.  We decided to have Purple as her word of the week.

I've had some friends tell me that they occasionally do color days with their kids, full of activities & food all in whatever color they pick for the day.  So, I decided to do that with Paige since her word of the week was Purple.

I thought of this the morning of, so we didn't have any time to plan, but here are some things that we did:

We started out finding all of our purple crayons & drawing with them.


Then we got a box & filled it with every purple toy we could find.  The girls spent quite a bit of time playing with their purple toys that week.

I looked up Purple People Eater & Harold & the Purple Crayon videos on YouTube.  Paige actually loved watching them.  Oh, and Purple People Eater totally took me back!  I can't watch it without laughing (and maybe singing along with it, too...).

 And of course, no special day at my house can be complete without a photo shoot &/or some selfies! 

This purple day was great for her to work on her P sounds.  She still has the word purple solidified in her vocabulary with the P sounds all said correctly... that's huge for us!  Besides that, it was fun for both of us!


Having a color day with your child can be fun & easy.  You can do it with lots of planning, or last minute (like I did).

Here are some ideas to get you started on your own color day:

Color a picture with only that color of crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint, etc.

Play with that color of play-doh (or make your own). 

Have a treasure hunt to find a new toy or candy of that color (previously hidden by mom & dad).  You can even make your own treasure map!

Paint your nails together that color.

Get a box or a bag & find all of your toys of that color, then encourage your child to play with them that day.

Use food coloring to dye water & make ice cubes in that color.  When they are frozen, put them in clear water & watch it change colors as the ice cube melts.  

Go to the library & find books that talk about that color, have that color in the title, or are that color (on the cover).

Wear that color of shirt, socks, underwear, bows, etc.

Pull out some paint & teach your child about mixing other colors to get your color of the day.

Frost cookies using that color of frosting.

Make a smoothie together & see what you can add to it to make it that color.

Dye the bath water using products like this.

Go to the grocery store & find new foods that are that color.

Eat snacks that are that color.

Pull out some craft supplies in that color & see what you end up making together.

Have any other ideas?  Add to the list with your ideas by commenting below!   

Melissa & Doug-Leading Designer of Education Toys

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  1. No ideas yet, but I will be trying this with my son this week! Fantastic game, thank you!

  2. Cover a flashlight with colored cellophane, use it to spotlight items of that color or practice target words.

  3. Great tips! I also like to make sensory bins for my son with items in that colour - like dyed rice or spaghetti. We've also cut out pieces of construction paper in that colour and glued them on to a large shape - like a lot of small, green squares glued onto a larger square. Now that the weather is warming up, we will probably be playing with homemade chalk paint in a particular color, too!

  4. Color days are such a fun idea!


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