April 28, 2014

Autism Resources

April is Autism Awareness Month.  I knew I wanted to do something for it, but I didn't feel like I knew enough to be of any help.  So, I turned to one of my blogging friends who blogs about Autism & she's graciously offered some of her favorite resources for any of you with kids who have Autism!  


The big wide community of autism can be overwhelming. When we were given our diagnosis we were sent to our school district to get help. Yeah right!

It's up to us as parents to find the answers, the Dr's, and sometimes the problem. I spent countless hours looking through everything autism. Reading and wondering what's best for my son. Over the last 4.5years I have learned that the only steady thing is my mothers intuition. I have to follow what feels right to me for my son.

As behaviors, responses and challenges change I have to keep learning and looking for what is right for us. A lot of ideas, suggestions and reassurances have come from autism parents and providers. As all of us are in this big wide community together it only makes sense to accept that we are the experts and our feedback is the most valuable.

Where I live we have local a autism council and a moms group that gets together once a month. This is a great resource, check to see if you have one in your neck of the woods, if not start one. (I know you have nothing else to do. Haha) These groups also have Facebook pages which is where all the daily questions are thrown out to the statewide group and everyone can help each other.

Below are a few Autism Facebook pages that do the same thing on a national level and I love the support and advice they give each other. I hope they are helpful for you too and bring you a little bit of peace.

Bacon And Juice Boxes
Facebook Page

Autism with a Side of Fries
Facebook Page

Autism Sparkles
Facebook Page


Peace from 6 Pieces

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