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Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without!

Thank heaven for all of those inventors out there who have created helpful baby products!  I couldn't have raised a baby 100 years ago, it would have been too hard without all of the helpful products out there.  With that being said though, there's so much out there, you never know which ones are worth the money or which ones will really work.  So, today, I'm joining forces with 40 other bloggers to bring you our favorite baby products as part of the Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year series.

Here are my top 7 must have baby products that have helped me with my two babies:

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

Why I couldn't live without it:

I've tried other baby carriers, but they all just killed my back. Some of them even had a million straps and buckles. Some of them weren't versatile at all. So when I saw this at Target, I knew I just HAD to get it! It doesn't hurt my back. It's simple to use. There are many ways to position your baby or toddler. And there are NO buckles! I used this when Lindsey was a newborn and still occasionally use this with her when she wants to be held (usually while I'm making dinner of course). I'd recommend this to anyone... no doubt about it!
{buy it here}

Interactive books

Why I couldn't live without it:
I saw this book on Amazon & instantly fell in love with it. I was looking for something to add to my church bag, and knew this would be a hit. It is an interactive book that has a little puppet built in. It's not only entertaining for the kids (and babies), but it's entertaining for me, too!  We've liked many interactive books (they don't have to be the talking books) that have flaps and other ways for kids to do more than just read and look at the pictures.
{buy it (and others like it) here}

DSLR Camera

Why I couldn't live without it:
Compared to all of the DSLRs out there, mine is a simple one.  Despite that, it has more features than I can count & is great quality.  I love constantly learning about new ways I can improve my pictures with it.  But the real reason why I can't live without it is because it captures priceless moments that I would have totally forgotten if it wasn't for my camera (thank you mommy brain).  I know it's not considered a 'baby product', but it's still a must-have for any mom out there!
{buy it here}

HALO SleepSack

Why I couldn't live without it:
We got a HALO SleepSack for Paige when she was a newborn because of it's awesome Velcro swaddling option.  We used it for Lindsey, too.  But once we had 2 kids, we had a weird conundrum.   We had a toddler who kept her blankets on her, and a baby who wouldn't.  We didn't know how to keep them both comfortable at night... until we remembered the SleepSacks!  Now we don't need to worry about how to keep them both warm at night.  It might seem simple, but because of that, it's a product we can't live without & my go-to baby shower present.  Lindsey is almost 18 months and she still sleeps in hers.
(view my full review of the HALO SleepSack here)
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White Noise App

Why I couldn't live without it:
There are several out there (and I'm sure most of them work great), but when Lindsey was a newborn, she only wanted to sleep while held -- unless we turned on the app, then she was out cold.  Rick thought I was crazy at first, but once he saw how it really helped, he was a believer, too!
Besides, this app has a sleep tracker option, too.  I love this because when I'm sleep deprived, but trying to see if my baby is getting on a schedule, I don't have to think too much.  I just plug all of the information in and evaluate after a few days.  
{buy it here}


Why I couldn't live without it:
Paige was a good sleeper (she always has been), but Lindsey was more challenging at first.  We spend a lot of time with our extended families, but babies need to go to sleep often & early.  We would take the bouncer to our family's house and just bounce our babies to sleep.  Besides that, when we were home, it was a good place to put them while I would do dishes, so I could still keep an eye on them in the kitchen without having to put them on the hard kitchen floor.
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Munchkin Fresh Feeders

Why I couldn't live without it:
These suckers are amazing! (no pun intended) If I had to pick a second choice for my go-to baby shower presents, I'd pick these.  I love being able to give my babies fresh fruit and not worrying about them chocking.  These will also help babies learn how to self feed, even better! 
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I want to know...
What are your baby must-haves?!
Tell me in the comments below!

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