Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Kept Secret Products for Traveling with Kids + A Giveaway!

Traveling with young kids can be... well... stressful.  So I've been searching for products that will help you to make traveling with them easier.  I didn't want to put together this list of items you've heard of, so I decided to find the ones that are the best kept secret!

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Skip Hop Zoo Mini Backpack with Rein
How cute are these backpacks?!  I know that 'leashes' have a bad reputation, but I think we need to rethink them with cute backpacks like these... besides, it's detachable!  I love the idea of my kids having their own backpack for snacks and toys while traveling and I also love the idea of being able to keep my babies safe, so this is the perfect combination of cute & functional!
Skip Hop has more adorable Zoo on-the go products (even normal backpacks without the rein if you would rather those).

iDeaPLAY Tablet
This tablet is perfect for traveling with kids!  It has a 7" screen - perfect for even the smallest hands and is very light weight!  It even has a safety mode that blocks in app purchases, home and back buttons and ads and also features a kid safe browser.  So, if you're driving, you won't have to worry about your child seeing things they shouldn't see or buying things they shouldn't buy.  It comes with the case and headphones, too, so you're already covered with accessories.  Both my 4 year old and my 1 year old love this! My favorite thing about this though, is that it has a timer on it, so you can control how much screen time your child is getting without having to be the bad guy!
Read more about the iDeaPLAY Tablet here.

Deluxe Snack & Play Kids Travel Tray
As I'm sure you know, keeping kids entertained while traveling is the key to happy travels.  This tray (that hooks onto car seats and strollers) will help them to have a space where they can draw, play travel bingo, etc.  It's super handy & folds up small so it's not an inconvenience to take with you.
One Step Ahead has many great products for both traveling by car or airplane. We've really enjoyed ours & look forward to using it this Summer as we go on some road-trips!  You can view all of their awesome products by following them on Pineterest here.
Oh, and check out their Summer Sweepstakes here! 

Ride on Suitcase
Okay, I have to say it... I wish I had one of these as a little kid!!  Whether you're going through an airport or in your hotel, this is a great way to keep your child entertained.  Genius!  Besides that, you already have to lug around armfuls of other luggage, so why not make your life easier by pulling your child on a ride on suitcase?

Little VIP Bandz
I'm picturing these at Disneyland since they look like they were inspired by Minnie Mouse!  These are so handy for any time you're out and about, but especially when you are traveling with a young one.  Chances are, if they are younger than 5, or have speech disorders, they couldn't clearly tell anyone your phone number if they got lost.  This is pure peace of mind! 
Read my full review of Little VIP Bandz here.

I want to know!  
What's your must-have product when traveling with young kids?!  
Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. At the moment our trunki boostapak is #1. What doesn't it do?

    As for the harnesses - I really don't understand why they get a bad rap. They allow the little ones to explore safely and with much more freedom than they'd get from a stroller or if they continually had to hold hands - plus mum's nerves are better when she can turn her back for five seconds without anyone getting run over! Definitely good stuff.

    1. I agree! Before kids I always thought they were a little mean, but now that I have a son who LOVES to run (& hide) I am all for them

  2. When we drove to California last year, I got dollar store stuff (crayons, books, cars, glow sticks) and wrapped them in wrapping paper I was trying to get rip of. Every hour or two I would hand my kiddo a present to open and play with. She wasn't old enough to use as behavioral leverage at the time but it would totally work for older kids.

  3. I'm just looking for an indestructible tablet case so my kiddos can actually play with the tablet that they're so desperate to get their hands on! Thanks for the tip. #hdydi

  4. These are great suggestions. Thanks!

  5. They didn't have a lot of these things when my kids were little - but I DID have a harness for my little ones. I got glared at and even yelled at a time or two. Don't care. My wild child was safe, near at hand and not disappearing to hide, or being snatched by a stranger. These things are AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this list with the Pintastic Pinterest Party!

  6. Great ideas. Color Wonder pads, markers and travel clipboard are a favorite in our car. My little guy can color for hours!


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