Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's the Smallest Moments That Mean the Most

I hope you have enjoyed The Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year Series!  It's been a lot of fun to participate in (with 40 other blogs)!  You can view all of the posts from all of the bloggers here. (that's a TON of great baby resources in one place!)

Today is the last day and all of today's posts are all on celebrating childhood.

Childhood is such a magical time, I love being able to re-live it as a mom with a whole new perspective.  I always thought as a kid/teenager that my learning years would be over once I became a mom, but I feel like I learn even more as a mother than I did as a kid.

The one thing I've learned as a mom that stands out to me right now is that it's the smallest moments that mean the most.  No matter what stage in life you're in, the little moments build up to be something grand.

I often have to remind myself to put my phone down (sometimes I force myself to leave it in the other room so I'm not as drawn to it) and enjoy these small, simple moments.  Sometimes it's hard... harder than I'd like to admit to put my phone down.  Do you know what, though?  When I put my phone down, it feels so good.  When I put my phone down, I'm living in the moment.  When I put the phone down, I'm being a mom -- something I was meant to do.  When I put the phone down, I feel real.  When I put the phone down, I enjoy life. 

So, in honor of celebrating childhood, I want to share some of those moments (that may seem small to some) that have built up in my mommy life to be something big.  Something meaningful.  Something precious.  
  • As Paige was delivered, I was putting her on my chest and she grabbed my finger. 
  • Hearing Paige say, "I love you" for the first time. (read her Childhood Apraxia of Speech story here)
  • Holding Lindsey for the first time.  I remember how solid she felt (compared to 5lb Paige). 
  • Watching Paige struggle for so long with a sound, but finally hearing the progress. 
  • Snuggling with Lindsey when she was a newborn. 
  • Dropping Paige off at preschool, then turning around to see her running back to give me a hug.  
  • Cuddling with Lindsey as I sing to her each night before bed.
  • Hearing Paige tell me things with her funny, dry sense of humor (who knew, after all of these years of not understanding her, there was such a funny girl stuck inside that body of hers!)
I know there have been hundreds more, but my tired mommy brain can't remember them all (boo!).

I wish we could bottle these moments up forever and re-visit them whenever we wanted.  They are so special to me, and the best part of being a mom.

Tell me... what are some of your "small moments" that have meant a lot to you as a mom?  I want to know!  

This post is part of the Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year series with 40 other bloggers.  View more posts on celebrating childhood here.


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  1. Ohoh! What a question! Well, well, well... let see.
    * When my son was placed on my chest and our eyes met. We couldn't look away from each other. His eyes were wide open 10 seconds after his birth, and since then I have always been "in love" with them.
    * The way my daughter kept my son calm as soon as he met for the first time. He was quite rebelious when I was pregnant. With me, but not with his future baby sister. He loved to speak to her, puting his mouth on my belly and talking with her about silly things... When he saw her, he was so happy and quiet at the same time.
    * When my son started to call all the animals "ouahouah". We tried to explain it was just the sound of the dog, but he didn't care and all the animals were named "ouahouah" (pigeons, cats, fishes, dogs, ducks, etc)

    I will stop here, I could go on all night!
    Thanks for this sweet post.


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