Sunday, May 11, 2014

#ItWasMom - Happy Mother's Day!

Sometimes, I lose my mommy temper.

Sometimes I get so frustrated with my kids.  And then I get frustrated at myself for not being the mom I want to be.  

Being a mom is hard.


We often look at other moms who "have it all together", which makes us more critical of ourselves as a mom.  

But, as we look back at our own mothers and other mothers around us, I want you to realize that we are our own worst critics.  

No matter what, if you are trying, you are a great mom!

Mom's have so many jobs to do, it's impossible for anyone to do it perfectly... besides, it's the little moments that sometimes matter the most.

Who Gave Selfless Service? #ItWasMom

Who Constandly Encouraged? #ItWasMom
(yep, this is me with my beautiful mom!)

So next time you think to yourself, "I'm such a bad mom" or "I hate that I snap at my kids so much", just remember that you are trying.  You are doing your best.  You are constantly giving it your all.
  You are amazing!

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. That's so very important to remember... we're not perfect, and we will make mistakes. But, we do our best as imperfect moms, and that's all we can hope to do in an imperfect world. Our kids will turn out just as imperfectly fine as we did ;).

    Happy Mother's Day, Michelle!

  2. Thanks Michelle! I needed to hear this today :)

  3. Moms are so amazing. While I'm not one (through part choice and part circumstance) I feel like women who choose to raise up the next generation deserve all the love, beauty and grace we can give them!

  4. Such truth and a great reminder!!

  5. I've struggled with Mother's Day for years, but I think after 25 yrs it's time to relax and just be grateful for the opportunity to be a mom and let go of my own judgements. Thanks for the post!


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