May 19, 2014

Make a Difference Mondays #5

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend. 

I've decided that each week I wanted to try to share something that I noticed this week about how others have served.

This week, I'm so impressed with my niece who is in 6th grade.  She likes to wear her Apraxia shirt from the fundraiser we did a few months back.  She wears it to school quite often.  I guess her counselor had my niece go up in an assembly and tell the other kids what Apraxia is.

{read our Apraxia story here}

I'm so impressed that both the counselor did that & that my niece knew what Apraxia is.  I love that they helped raise awareness of Apraxia!  It made my little heart happy & I love that she served in such a unique way!  It really meant a lot to me!

Have you noticed others serving this week?  Share them in the comments below because I love reading stories like that!

Lets take this inspiration and make this week even better by serving others!

Now, onto the link up...

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  1. Love your niece's attitude. My daughter is working for another cause...
    She says, if more people are aware of it, then the more people aware of it. Thanks for sharing what your niece did at school.


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