Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year - Encouraging Speech Development

As you have probably seen lately, I've joined up with about 40 other bloggers to bring you The Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year series.  Today's topic for #ultimatebaby is Baby's Firsts.  Naturally, I'm drawn to speech development & baby's first words.  Because of this, I want to link you back to a guest post that Ask a Nanny did for me a while back... Design Your Home to Encourage Early Language Development.  It was a great post with some different ideas on how you can use words & letters in your home (in your speech and in your decorating).

Read the full post here.  

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I'm participating in the All Things Baby Blog Hop, so all week long I'll be bringing you posts about baby's first year!  Be sure to check out the main #ultimatebaby page to see lots of other great articles, check out our Pinterest board & enter our HUGE giveaway (below)!!

Today's posts are all on baby's firsts... find them all here!


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  1. Great post on speech development! It's always interesting to see which words babies gravitate towards. For a while, my son called grandpa "boppa" (grandma was still "grandma," interestingly).

    So glad to be participating in this series :)
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