Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A fun twist on acts of kindness, plus a giveaway!

If you are here from Good Things Utah... WELCOME!!  Be sure to check out this fun, local activity to get your family involved in service!  

I think it's pretty obvious that I love acts of kindness, but let's talk about a fun little twist on them.

It's not a new idea, but it might just be an idea that you haven't tried yet... but you should!  Your kids will love it!

Are you ready for it?

Okay, let's get to it.

I'm calling it,

'Sneaky Service'

It's where you and your kids decide to do an act of kindness, but you have to do it in secret... and no matter what you do... Don't Get Caught!!!

You can build it up with your kids (que on the spy glasses... you know the ones with the big noses and a mustache, or even just all black outfits) or you can just wing it.  Whatever you think will work best for your family.

Or, there are some fun books to get you excited.  One of my favorites is Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy, but more on that later...

Here are three ideas how you can do this 'Sneaky Service':

1.  Thank your mailman

Chances are that you have probably seen this idea floating around the internet, but I HAD to add it because of our sweet experience.  (If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably heard part of it.)
My friend, Sheila (from Pennies of Time... check it out, you'll love it!), told me a story about how someone she knew had served someone that worked in their community, and it brought tears to the workers eyes.  I was touched and felt like we needed to do something for someone that worked in our community, too.  I looked for opportunities for a week or two, but I let our busyness get in the way.  One particularly hot day, we heard our sweet mail lady down the street.  We ran inside, wrote a quick thank you card together, and put the card and some cold water in the mail box.

Now here comes the extra fun part.

We went inside and spied on her from the window.  She had no idea we were there, but it was SO fun to see her reaction!  She was truly touched and she even wrote us a quick thank you note back.

It literally took us less than 5 minutes, but it was 5 minutes that will stay with us forever.  My daughter still talks about how we "made the mail lady happy".

Do it.  You'll love it.

2. Give a heart attack

Okay, so I know this is an oldie, but it's a goodie!  This one can be so fun to do with kids of any age.  Just have your kids color or write on hearts, then tape them to someone's door (with painter's tape) in the night.  But, be sure to be so quiet so you don't get caught!

And here's a free printable to make it easy for you.

If you don't want to go the paper heart attack route, use chalk on their driveway.  It will make them smile every time they get home.

3.  The Giving Plate

I saw this idea on Facebook and couldn't help but do it, too!

I got a ceramic plate from the dollar store, wrote on it with a sharpie, baked it at 425 degrees, then let it cool.  (just like the DIY Sharpie Mugs)

It was super easy to do, and will bring lots of people, lots of happiness!

Now here's the 'Sneaky" part... bake a treat with your kids.  Then wait until it gets a little bit dark.  Run up the plate quietly to the porch, ring the doorbell, then run and hide!  Just be sure not to get caught!!!

So, what do you think?  Do you think your kids would like to do these 'Sneaky Acts of Kindness'?

I thought so!

Now, back to that cute book.

My good friend Mandy reached out to me because she found this super cute book about acts of kindness in her Usborne book store. (because she knows I kind of like service) She sent it to me and we have loved it!  It has TONS of ideas for kids to do acts of kindness.  It's cool and quirky.  It also encourages kids to join the "Kindness Club".  It's really cute and would be a fun way to encourage kindness in our kids!

Mandy has even offered to give one of YOU a copy of this book!

You can enter to win this book until August 3, 2015!

So, what are you waiting for?  Enter now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!!  xo

Disclosure: This blog is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment. I was not compensated to participate in this giveaway.


  1. I love when I watch my little gradkids to do this kind of stuff, thanks for doing this.....

  2. Love these ideas! We've thanked our mail carrier a few times. And how cool is that you were on TV? Way to go!

  3. animally looks like a great way to connect w the grandkids i think i would enjoy it.

  4. the step by step drawing book

  5. My children would also enjoy reading Barney: Rescue Dog!

  6. "That's Not My Cow..." looks pretty cute!

  7. I like the Astronauts Sticker Book!

  8. I like the Astronauts Sticker Book!

  9. Oh my gosh I would love to have Llamas in Pajamas. Sounds so cute. Thank you for the chance.

  10. My granddaughters would like Step by Step Drawing activities

  11. I love all the books. The perils of being a librarian I guess! Sigh! I like "Bee Makes Tea." So cute! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  12. My nieces like the Drawing Book. Thank you for the chance :)

  13. Love Usborne! I'm intrigued by the like Challenger series!

  14. Love Usborne!!! I'm intrigued by the Luke Challenger series!


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