Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Family games that encourage gratitude

If you're looking to help your kids feel more thankful, look no further!  You can encourage gratitude by playing these simple, yet fun games!

Thankful BINGO
List several things or people your family is grateful for, each on a small strip of paper.  Have each person fill out the blank BINGO card below with the above items/people in whatever order they want.  Draw the names out of a basket and see who gets a BINGO first!  

Thankful Charades
Have each person write what they are grateful for on a piece of paper.  Put them all into a bowl, then each person draws one and acts it out.  

Thankful Dice Game
just print out the printable below, then fold, glue and play!  Each child takes a turn rolling it, then they have to answer the question that lands face up.  

Grateful Photo Scavenger Hunt
Give everyone a digital camera/phone.  Give them 5 minutes to take pictures of as many things as they can that they are grateful for.  Gather back together, then print them all off.  Guess who took what pictures.  Then make a simple scrapbook out of the pictures.  

Thankful Cootie Catcher
I loved cootie catchers/fortune tellers as a kid!  With this simple game, you can get your kids talking about things they are grateful for!  Simply print the image below, trim it to a square, then follow this tutorial for how to fold and play it!  

I hope you have fun together as a family while playing these games this Thanksgiving!

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