June 12, 2017

Kindness in the Summertime

Hi friends!

I know summer days can fill up quickly, but it's my favorite time to re-focus on acts of kindness.  Maybe because I'm with my kids the WHOLE DAY, EVERY DAY, or maybe it's because arguments break out a little bit more, so doing these acts of kindness kind of resets us and grounds us, or maybe it's because the weather is nice enough to do just about anything!

Here are some of my favorite ways to do acts of kindness with my kids during summertime:

Work on a Project Throughout the Summer Together

Last year, I asked my oldest daughter (6 at the time) if she wanted to do something nice for someone else this summer.  She said yes, so we discussed several options.  She told me who she wanted to help and how she wanted to help them.  I helped fill in the gaps as needed.  One thing led to another & we planned a 'Pajama Service Party'!

We collected pajamas, stuffed animals and books (and anything else anyone wanted to donate) to families at a local domestic abuse shelter.  It was so much fun for everyone.

pajama service party

I don't know if we had more fun at the party or delivering the donations!  Paige & I both loved that she had a big part in planning it.

Pajama Service Party

We will be planning something new this summer!

You can do this, too!  Ask your child if they would like to help someone this summer.  Ask them who they want to help (give options if needed) and how they want to help them.  You can make it into a party to involve family & friends, or you can just keep it between your kids and yourself.

Virtual Kindness Summer Camp

Pennies of Time is hosting it's annual Virtual Kindness Summer Camp again this summer!  It's a great way to get tips, ideas and in the right frame of mind for encouraging more kindness this summer.  This year, they are including 'kind kids' more than ever before, so your kids will want to join in on the virtual camp, too!  She's added so many exciting and new components this year, I can't wait to start this with my girls!

I can't recommend this camp enough.  Sheila from Pennies of Time always puts countless hours into this camp to make it extremely beneficial and fun for everyone that participates!  

virtual kindness summer camp

Click here for more information

Click here to sign up

Acts of Kindness Summer Countdown Chain

I don't know about you, but countdown chains are always a big hit at our house!

Print these chains, cut and hang somewhere for everyone to see.  Every morning take a chain off & do this act of kindness together.  It can be done right then and there, or you can use it more of a challenge for your family to do individually throughout the day when they see a good opportunity.

Feel free to fill in your own ideas (or your kids' ideas) on the blank one!

What are your favorite ways to include kindness in your summer fun?  

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  1. Thank you for always coming up with the best ideas for for helping my kids learn kindness. I'm going to print this chain off today and use it. You are such a great example of kindness to do many people and make such a difference!


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