October 9, 2018

A Million Little Things

The following is an honest open letter to myself that I thought other moms would be able to relate to. xo

Dear Self,

I know that you really don't like the look of your body right now.  I know it can so easily consume your thoughts. I know it sometimes triggers your anxiety and depression when you focus too much on what you don't like about your body. 

You deserve better.

Not a "better" body, but a better thought process. 

I know that telling you all of the thousands of good things about your body won't change a thing about the things you don't like about your body.  Not because you aren't grateful, but because society has molded your mind for 30+ years with unrealistic expectations. 

But you are more than just your body. 

Life is more than just your body!

Your body is simply an instrument for you to accomplish a million little things.  A million little things that can add up to be something grand.  Something awe-inspiring.  Something magnificent.  A million little things that can potentially help a million people.  Because you have a body, you can potentially add happiness to millions of people's lives by using your body to do a million little things. 

So please, please allow your thoughts to be consumed with what you can do because you have a body to house your spirit.  A spirit that is full of love and has a strong desire to help everyone you possibly can. 

If you focus on that, you can and you will spread happiness to millions of people! 



a million little things

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