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Welcome to the Kindness Shop!  Here you will find products I sell that promote kindness in the home.  Some will be activities that you can do with your kids, others will be pre-made products.  Email me with any questions, or for discount pricing for multiple products!  

The Giving Plate
The Giving Plate is a plate that you can deliver to someone's house filled with goodies.  
Have fun baking goodies to share with others on this plate!  It is a fun kindness activity to do with your kids.  You can even secretly deliver the plate!  
The sweet thing about this plate is that it keeps on giving!  
It has the following poem written on it:
"This plate shall have no owner, for its journey never ends.  It travels in a circle among family and friends.  It carries love from home for everyone to share.  The food that's placed upon it was made with love and care.  So please enjoy what's on this plate then fill it up again, then pass it on and the love it holds to your family and friends."
Plate is ceramic and dishwasher safe.
*Please note this plate is handmade and may look slightly different than the pictures.
(this price includes shipping in the lower 48 states)

Email me at [email protected] for discount pricing for multiple kits! 

Kindness Kit
(monthly subscription pack)
The Kindness Kit is a monthly subscription pack that includes at least one activity that encourages kindness.  Often it will be a craft, sometimes it will be something already made that will help you and your child(ren) to bond together while teaching kindness.
(this price includes shipping in the lower 48 states)

*Email me for discount pricing for multiple children in your home!

Secret Agent Kindness Package
(a one time delivery)
The Secret Agent Kindness Kit is a package filled with fun toys, crafts and activities that encourage kids to be more kind and do service for others.  All acts of kindness must be done in secret.  Everything will be provided in this kit.
Unfortunately, since it's a kit for secret agents, until the box is shipped, the contents are confidential, as to not sacrifice our mission.  I can, though, promise you it will be filled with fun!  
This box would be fun for bonding with your child, your next play date or a party!  
(this price includes shipping in the lower 48 states)

Email me at [email protected] for discount pricing for multiple kits! 

(coming soon!)

Children's Books
(coming soon!)

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