April 30, 2014

What's on Our iPad? VowelViz - Speech Therapy App

As many of you know, I have a daughter with Apraxia.  We love to review many speech therapy apps to help other kids like Paige & parents like me to know which apps are out there & which apps are helpful.  

This time, I have teamed up with SLP Mommy of Apraxia, to give you this giveaway from CompleteSpeech!

Kids Apps on Our iPad

VowelViz Schools

VowelViz Speech Therapy App Review

From the iTunes store:

VowelViz Schools takes the innovative speech mapping app, VowelViz, and makes it even more FUN! VowelViz Schools implements fun, new themes and flash cards to help further engage students in speech therapy! Let your students control the UFO and Bee voice trackers and get them in the correct target ranges. Flashcards provide words and images associated with target vowels and R. The real-time, interactive feedback from VowelViz Schools helps students practice target vowels and R accurately and consistently.

VowelViz is an innovative speech mapping tool that displays vowel production in real-time. With applications in speech therapy, accent reduction/second language learning, and home practice, VowelViz is a versatile and easy to use tool for practicing vowels.

I first heard of VowelViz from Paige's speech therapist.  Paige has been working for months on her vowels (especially her long vowels/diphthongs), but I couldn't find any app that could help her with those sounds.  I was so bummed!

The cool thing about VowelViz is that it tracks what sounds you are saying & you can tell if they are correct or not if they are in the correct target zone.  I have only heard of one other app (not a speech app) that can detect your voice (besides the microphone feature).  I think that's really cool!

Not all kids catch on to the fact that their voice is making the bee or space ship move, but Paige caught on quickly.  It was exciting to both of us to watch her improve her sounds with this app.

There are two versions of VowelViz, but I highly recommend you purchase the VowelViz School app because it has flash cards that tell what the sounds should be.  As a parent, I don't always understand what sound /i/ is supposed to make, but with the flash card I can learn that it means the same "E" sound as in bee. (see image below)

Also, the school version has the option of using the fun backgrounds that get kids even more excited about using their voices. 

VowelViz Speech Therapy App Review

I highly recommend you check out their tutorial videos before purchasing or using.  You need to adjust your settings within the app to make sure it's working correctly, and those videos (and the FAQ page) can direct you correctly.

Although it can be tricky to understand how to adjust it at first, overall, I'm really pleased with this app.  I love that it's using voice recognition as well as helping kids with their vowel sounds! 

And because this is such a great app, CompleteSpeechSLP Mommy of Apraxia and I would love to share it with two lucky winners!
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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

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