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I've always wanted to involve my kids in service.  Once I had them I tried to think about what we could do, but I felt like coming up with the ideas was the hardest part!  So, I have decided to help YOU with the hard part... coming up with creative, fun, simple & inexpensive service projects & acts of kindness. 

Join Our Monthly Service Project Challenge! 
I'll send you an email each month with a theme, along with several simple & inexpensive ideas to get you started on that theme. 



Need service project ideas? 
You've come to the right place!
(check back often, I update this list frequently!)



Do you have a touching story about serving? 
Do you have good service ideas? 
Find out how YOU can be a guest blogger! 



Need even more service ideas? 
Then you might want to check this out...
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  1. Coming over from your new tribe xo...and feel like this was meant to be! GREAT ideas and we'll have to chat offline asap. :) xo


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