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Monthly Topics: Each month (launching at 7pm EST the first Thursday) we will link up our posts about various special needs topics. Some will be irreverent, some will even be taboo. All of them will be honest. Read our posts, link up your own, leave comments and ask questions! Get a heads up about topics and meet everyone in our Google+ Community, too!

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Who are the “It’s All Special” hosts?

Shannon @ Mishmash Mama



Cobilynn @ Peace from 6 Pieces



And me.. Michelle @ Trust Me, I’m a Mom


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  1. I just came across your blog and love it. I just read your latest on "One of Those Moms." I'm already a big fan. You took the words right from my mouth and I don't feel so much like a freako mom (and friend).

    I recently met a mother and her daughter who was mentally impaired. I asked the "girl" how old she was and she said 16, when I'm reality she was 55. It was the cutest and honest response I had ever heard. Her mom began to tell me that she enjoys dolls, but she doesn't mind because her sisters have real babies to play with. I cried like a baby. I feel as if my friends don't have to worry if their child will have grandkids, but it is something that crosses my mind (frequently for who knows why). I just want the best for my daughter as any mother would. I try to think of things that mothers of "normal" kids will never enjoy as much as we do to weigh it out.

    I've learned so much from my daughter and her handicap. And I've met so many great people, so for that I'm thankful. God blessed me more then I could've imagined with my sweet Angel. She's perfect!


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