October 24, 2013

What's On Our iPad? Endless Alphabet

Throughout our Hard Candy Case giveaway, I'll be posting about our favorite apps we use on our iPad.  Some are specifically for speech therapy for my daughter who has Apraxia and some are educational.   

Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is such a fun alphabet app!  It's even more than just an alphabet app, though... it also teaches kids the meaning of the word in a cute and clever way. 

The app starts by letting kids pick a letter & word to start with. 

Once they have picked the word, they do a puzzle to put the letters in order (encouraging early reading).  As they drag each letter to it's correct spot, the letter wiggles & says it's sound. 

Once the word is all put together it takes them to a short and simple video that teaches what that word means. 

I love that it isn't just the plain old alphabet app.  It helps kids learn sounds, how to spell, the meaning of words & gives them pre-reading skills. 

The graphics are cute & eye catching & each monster, if you will, has his or her own quirky and fun personality. 

When I first downloaded the app, it had about 2 words for every letter, since then we've received at least 3 new words in addition to the words we started with.  I love that they are constantly updating & changing & adding to the app.

Some of the words are simple that kids have probably heard like kind and lick.  Some of the words though, are bigger words that kids might not have heard before like bellow and quarrel.  It uses relatable words & yet will also stretch them to learn, too.

Endless Alphabet is one of my top 5 favorite apps for my daughter & no doubt she loves it, too! 


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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

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