Wednesday, November 27, 2013

People You Should Say Thank You To More Often

Sending thank you cards seems to be a dying art. It seems like it's become more of a chore than something to do from the bottom of your heart because you really are grateful for the gift or act of kindness. 
So, in the spirit of being grateful (with it being almost Thanksgiving and Christmas), I am sharing several tips & tricks about teaching your children to say thank you.  I'm calling it my Thank You Series.  Here's my schedule for the next few days. 

Saturday: Simple (& Creative) Ways to Help Your Child Say Thank You
Sunday: Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Send Thank You Cards
Monday: Ways to Make Sending Thank You Cards More Fun For Kids
Tuesday: Thank You Card Etiquette (For Kids)
Wednesday: People You Should Say 'Thank You' To More Often
^^^  You are here!  Read this below!^^^
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!

There are many, many thankless jobs out there.  There are also those people who we rely so much on, that we forget to say thank you to them.  There are many simple & clever ways to say thank you to these people, but sometimes just a simple "thank you" will make someone's day if you're not prepared. 

Now that I've posted about ways for kids to say thank you, benefits of teaching them to say thank you, ways to make it more fun and thank you card etiquette you have all the tools you'll need to thank all of these people with your child! 

(I promise it will be a good experience for both of you!)

  • Veterans, those who are currently serving, and their families (read here about ways you can serve their families, and here about how one family served soldiers overseas)
  • Your garbage man
  • The paper boy
  • Your local police station
  • Your mailman - (read here and here about how 2 moms thanked their mailmen!)
  • Your local fire station - Thanks, Leanna!
  • The doctor that delivered you or your children
  • Your child’s or your doctors, dentists, nurses & receptionists (read here about how one mom thanked their whole doctor's office!)
  • Your child’s teacher, principal, vice principal, crossing guard or therapists
  • The cashier & bagger at the grocery store
  • The person who gave you your job (your boss or HR rep)
  • Religious leaders
  • The bust driver
  • The librarian - Thanks Leanna! 
  • The blogger that wrote the article that saved your bacon when you were potty training
  • The crossing guard - Thanks, Sheila!
  • Of course your family - immediate or extended

And if you need some unique & simple ideas on how you can serve any of these people, click here

Can you think of anyone that I've missed?!  Tell me below! 

You can find my whole Thank You Series here. 

*Special thanks to Sheila from Pennies of Time, Claudia from House of Shine, Barbara from Corner on Character & Leanna from All Done Monkey for adding some awesome ideas to this list! 
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  1. This is a great idea for a series and a wonderful reminder to say thank you to those around us. :) Thanks again for linking up at Anything Goes last week. I would love it if you stopped by to link up a post or two at this week's link-up. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. I'm on my way now! Thanks for the reminder! (and thank you for your kind words!)

  2. Great post; thanks! I've pinned it to my collaborative Caring Classrooms board.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Barbara

  3. This is a really neat series and I'll be sharing it! I agree. We do not thank people enough for what they do. I try hard to do that. I think there is a general lack of courtesy in our society as a whole and it makes me super sad. So THANK YOU for this series :)


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