January 14, 2014

What's On Our iPad? Apraxia Picture Sound Cards (FLASH SALE!)

I recently won the Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app off of The Speech-EZ Apraxia Program Facebook Page.  I was so excited because I had heard that this app was the crème de la crème of all of the Apraxia apps.

The Apraxia Picture Sound Cards was created for individuals with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and severe phonological disorders.

I have only had it for less than a week, but I wanted to give you a short review of what I thought of it so far because they are having a flash sale starting today! (see bottom of this post for flash sale details)

Once you open the app, three sections pop up for you to chose from; Picture Cards, Sound & Number Cards and Hand Cue Cards.


Picture Cards:
The picture cards include over 775 vibrant cards/words... that's a lot!!  I don't think I've come across an app with that many.  The pictures are beautiful &  great quality, too.

You can select which sounds to work on based on place of articulation, CVC word initial, CVC word final, CVCV words, one syllable words, two syllable words, compound words, three syllable words, four syllable words OR you can hand select the cards you'd like your child to work on.  That's so many different ways to customize your child's practice - something I've found to be incredibly beneficial.

Each card that is selected has the word written on the back for further discussion & practice.  I also like the shuffle option for shuffling the cards whenever you'd like, so your child doesn't get used to having them a certain way.

Sound & Number Cards:
As with the Picture Cards, the Sound & Number Cards also has so many ways you can customize your session.  You can view sound cards, number cards, a vowel chart, all of the above OR you can once again hand select certain cards to work on.

Once you select which cards, the first card comes on the screen.  It gives a clear sound for you to hear how the letter or number is said, then on the back of each sound card is the letter in a word so you can see it, talk about it & also practice it in a word setting if you'd like.  

Hand Cue Cards:
Although I really love the Picture Cards and the Sound & Number Cards, the frosting on top for this app is the Hand Cue Cards.  The hand cue cards go through & give you a video of how to cue each sound & also has the written sound on the back of the video card. 

For those of you who haven't heard of hand cues, basically there's a gesture you do with your hand for each sound to help your child connect their brain to their mouths a little bit easier.  

Studies have shown that gesture plays a role in speech production, which makes sense why Lynn Carahaly, MA, CC-SLP developed the Speech-EZ program. A huge part of this program is using hand cues to help children get their brain to work in a slightly different way than they are used to.  I've heard several parents say that hand cues helped their child with Apraxia tremendously.

Watch a demo of the app:

When Paige & I went through the hand cue cards for the first time, she was able to produce the sounds with the hand cues more clearly than I have ever heard her say them before!  I'm so excited to continue practicing the hand cues with Paige to see what progress she makes.

I can comfortably & honestly say this is on our top 3 favorite speech therapy apps!

Lynn Carahaly (the maker of this app) is extremely generous & you can tell she truly cares about each child & family that has Apraxia.  She has a heart of gold.

This app has so much variety that it will quite easily grow with your child through their whole speech journey. 

Here's some information about their flash sale that they posted on their Facebook page:

FLASH SALE!!!! SPEECH-EZ FLASH SALE ANNOUNCEMENT!! 48 Hours staring Tuesday 1/14/2014 @ 7:00 am Eastern Time.  

Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Pro version 
(from $300 down to $89.99!)

Apraxia Picture Sound Cards Parent version 
(from $180 down to $79.99!)

all other Speech-EZ apps 
(from $30 down to $4.99!!!)

(continued from their FB page...)
Don't miss this! It won't happen again for a long time! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!! Tell your school SLPs about it! The school can make an "Educational Purchase" for the district and get the Pro version for 50% off the sale price...that is only $45.00 for the Pro version!!! Tell your clinic SLP too! 

*all pricing information is via the The Speech-EZ Apraxia Program Facebook Page & should be verified on iTunes.

You can view our other favorite apps here.

Tell me... have you tried this app before?  What did you think about it?  

This post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Buying through these links will not cause you to pay more for the app, it will only give me a small percentage of commission to help pay for my daughter's speech therapy.  Thank you! 


  1. What are the other two in your top three? We are BRAND NEW to CAS and I'm just reeling with all the info there is to absorb! The flash sale is making me feel a bit panicked about this whole ipad decision :) We have always been so anti-video/computer games, but CAS has changes our minds on some things. 3.5 yr old son (also LDS and living in St. George :) )

    1. Hi Nicole! My top 3 favorite speech therapy apps are Articulation Station, Speech Stickers & Apraxia Picture Sound Cards (above). They are in no particular order.

      To be honest, though, I've really enjoyed every app that I've reviewed on this blog. They all bring something awesome to the table & all have something that will benefit a child with Apraxia. You can read all of my reviews to see what sounds like it will work for you & your family here... /search/label/What%27s%20On%20Our%20iPad

      I also love the variety of apps we have, so if Paige gets bored with one, we can try another. In fact, I usually let her pick which speech app we use & I pick the sound we work on.

  2. Hi Michelle! I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm surprised I haven't ran across your blog sooner. I blog on apraxia also and my son is five and in the recovering stages on this disorder. I am a huge fan of Speech-EZ and I'm so glad you won a copy! The hand cues have been a LIFESAVER for us and my son responded exceptionally well to them. I wish I would have started them at age 3 as you are doing. We started them at age 4. Best of luck to you!

    1. Hi! I'm so glad you introduced yourself! Have you heard about the Apraxia Bloggers FB Group? You (and anyone else who blogs about Apraxia) is welcome to join us!

      Also, if you're ever up for working together, I always love to work with other Apraxia bloggers/moms!

  3. This app looks great I'll have to check it out!
    Happy to meet you through SITS tribe!!


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