April 25, 2014

What's on Our iPad? Minimal Pairs Academy

As many of you know, I have a daughter with Apraxia.  We love to review many speech therapy apps to help other kids like Paige & parents like me to know which apps are out there & which apps are helpful.  

Minimal Pairs Academy


From the iTunes store:

Use Minimal Pairs Academy to help your student or child develop listening and discrimination skills and have fun practicing producing target words at the word and phrase level. Minimal Pairs Academy uses linguistically based treatment procedures that have been reported in the literature to be effective when treating children with multiple sound disorders. (Saben & Ingham, 1991)

To put it simply (as I understand it), minimal pairs is where you have 2 words that are identical except for one sound.  For example: Ski & See or Spoke & Poke.

Minimal Pairs Academy has 4 main activities; Auditory Bombardment, Auditory Discrimination, Production & Phrase Completion.  I'll let this image explain what each activity does... (click to view larger)

This app has been great for Paige (4 years old).  She has started using blends on her own occasionally (huge cheer for her!), so this app has been giving her the extra boost to get them solidified.  We're currently focusing mostly on the Cluster Reduction S section in each of the activities. 

Once again, Smarty Ears has produced a high quality app that has many options.  I love that their apps grow with my daughter & will help her for years to come.  She can start simple & work her way to more difficult activities with each of the Smarty Ears Apps. 

You can watch this video to get more information about Minimal Pairs Academy.

And because this is such a great app, I'd love to share it with one lucky winner!  All you have to do is enter by answering which Smarty Ears App is your favorite here!

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Tell me... what's your favorite app on your iPad?

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