November 10, 2014

Christmas for a Deserving Utah Family

Last year I was more than humbled to participate in our sub for Santa activity last year - the Christmas for a Deserving Utah Family.  It was amazing from start to finish & I've thought about it all year long.

The family was incredibly gracious and they were (as I was) blown away by everyone who helped in one way or another to make sure they were able to have a Christmas. 

Christmas for a Utah Family Nominations

Brittanie (from Bargains with Brittanie) and I are excited to host this again this year!

Christmas is such a magical time of year, but to some it just brings sadness of what they cannot give to their sweet kids.  Every parent wants to give the world to their children, but as we all know, it's not always possible.  Sometimes we run into some big bumps in the road that set us back financially.  We would love to change this for one family (or more, if possible), this year.  

We're reaching out to you for help finding another special family who has the need of receiving help this Christmas season.  

So, here's how you can help!  
  • If you know of a deserving family that has kids and lives in Salt Lake County, nominate them here or on the form below.  We will be accepting nominations until Sunday, November 16th at midnight MST. 
  • If you want updates on what our 'deserving Utah family' will need via Email, once the family is decided, email me at michelle at trustmeimamom dot com with the subject "Christmas Updates" so I don't overlook you! 
  • Lastly, you can donate items, gift cards, or money via PayPal!  (email me for details)
Thank you all so much for helping with this special event!  We're so excited to do it again this year, and hopefully it will bless another amazing family & relieve some stress from them!  

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

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