Friday, March 6, 2015

Postpartum Depression

The reason I have been MIA from this blog for a bit is mostly because I have been suffering from Postpartum Depression. 

(luckily I have mostly been able to keep up with the Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge and some other behind the scenes things)

Although, I feel very blessed to have it mostly under control, it still affects me on a small-ish level daily.  I decided months ago to simplify as much as possible to help me through this challenging time.  I removed as much as I could from my life so I could focus on myself and my family.  This has helped tremendously, but I feel ready to jump back in the blogging game.  

I have completed my first "come-back article" and it has been published on FamilyShare!  I am excited to share it with you.  It is called 8 lies that are keeping you from recognizing you have postpartum depression.  I am hoping by debunking these myths, more people will realize that there is help for them.  

8 lies that are keeping you from recognizing you have postpartum depression

I didn't realize I had PPD and I was surprised to hear the nurse tell me that it sounded like I had it.  My main symptoms were feeling overwhelmed, snapping in anger at my oldest daughter and beating myself up in my head.  I was my worst enemy.  

(read more about my postpartum story here)

I hope to be posting some 'silver linings' from my postpartum depression, soon... things I have learned from having PPD.  

Until then, I am excited to be back blogging... I've missed you!  

(you might also be interested in reading Ways to Reset When Suffering from PPD)


  1. We've missed you too! Do��

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say how much I appreciate your courage for sharing your PPD story through your writing. I was struck with postpartum anxiety after my first, which totally blindsided me, and am due my second child in August. Recovery DOES happen and you sharing your experiences is so beneficial to others. Stay strong mama.

    Link to my own PPA story incase it brings you any comfort:


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