Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Serve others in memory of 9/11

For those of us who remember 9/11, it will forever be engraved in our minds.  We saw images that we will never forget.  Out hearts were more than touched, they were changed.  We saw our whole country come together to make something tragic turn into something special.  People were kind and compassionate.

I love that hard trials can be turned into something beautiful, if we let it.

Our children probably don't really understand what happened on that day, and that's okay.  But it's still a great opportunity to teach them that it's a special day and that we can help others who helped us on that day in 2001.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started!

Mail a postcard
Postcards are such an easy way to spread kindness!  You can even make your own by simply cutting some card stock 4" x 6", let your child color a picture, then write a simple note on the other side.  You can send a postcard to those who are deployed, the families of a military member, veterans, etc.  Here is a website with information about sending letters to military personnel.

Say Thank You
Saying thank you is something so simple, but can make a big impact on someone's life.  Besides the typical people we think of helping on 9/11 (firefighters, police, etc.), don't forget to thank EMTs, doctors, nurses, flight attendants, etc.  There were so many people who contributed to helping on that day and on the days and months that followed.

Bake a treat
Take cookies to your local police department or fire department, no doubt they will be grateful!

Donate Money
911day.org is asking for people to donate $9.11 to support education programs and charitable services in honor of those lost.

There were countless volunteers who helped that day.  Some who helped pick up the debris and some who went unnoticed.  You can volunteer (even a short amount of time), to help with any cause or organization you are passionate about!  Even something as simple as offering to volunteer in your child's classroom would count!

Send a package
Military personnel are often deployed with very little contact with their family members.  That would be really hard!  By sending a simple package, it will make any military member's day!
Here's a website with more information about what and where to send packages.

Donate blood
There were many people who were hospitalized because of the attacks on 9/11.  I'm sure some of them needed blood.  In memory of that day, you can donate blood to the Red Cross.

There are also several events around the country that you can participate in!

Family Day of Service  
If you live in Utah, there is a fun event that will have several tables set up, each with their own act of kindness.  It will be a fun and easy way to get your kids involved in service!

See the flier below (click to enlarge) or this facebook event page for more details.

Operation Shower
Operation Shower is an awesome non-profit organization that throws baby showers for those who are expecting and have a loved one deployed.  Such an awesome idea!
In Utah, there is a local Operation Baby Shower event where you can come and donate a gift that will be sent to those military spouses who are expecting.
Or, you can throw your own Operation Baby Shower!  Throw a baby shower just as if the mom-to-be is there, then donate the gifts to Operation Shower.

Family Day at Captain Hope's Kids
If you live near Dallas, TX, you have to check out this event!

Captain Hope's Kids and Pennies of Time have teamed up to bring you a fun Family Day!  For the full details, click here.

Dine Out for 9/11 Tribute 
If you live in NYC, check out these awesome restaurants who are teaming up to raise awareness and funds for 9/11 educational programs.

Compassion Games
No matter where you are, you should check out the Compassion Games!  It's a fun way to get your family motivated on this day, the National Day of Service and Remembrance!

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