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Fun Ways To Serve With Your Kids This Summer... Plus a Giveaway!

You know I'm a big fan of serving with kids, right?  (You didn't?!  Then maybe you need to check this post out)

So I was excited to go on Studio 5 (a local talk show... you can view the segment below) to share some of my favorite (& super easy) ideas on how to serve with your kids this Summer & I wanted to share them with you!

(If you're visiting from Studio 5... WELCOME!! I'm glad you stopped by!  Sign up for my Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge here!)

Oh, and one more thing before I get into the Summer fun!  I have a fun giveaway at the bottom of this post... you won't want to miss out on it!

As moms, we all want to teach our kids to serve others, but we usually don’t know where to start. Something we don’t realize, though, is that we are over thinking service! It doesn’t have to be something grand, sometimes it’s the smallest acts of kindness that mean the most to people. Often times there’s ways we can have fun serving without really going out of our way! 

7 Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer!  Great, easy ideas!

The Summertime is the perfect time to serve with your kids because we have more time and we're already out doing fun things together.  If we add just a small act of kindness into the fun we're already having, it will help your kids to love serving that much more!  But watch out... it might just give them the "service bug" and they might tell you it was fun & that they want to do it more often!  (Don't say I didn't warn you!)

(BTW, I made these images for you so you can pin your favorite activity... because heaven knows I would need all the help I can get with my memory!)

Host a water party inviting friends that could use a friend.
Summer is meant for fun, friends and water!

Fun Ways to Serve with Kids This Summer... Idea #1 - Host a water party & invite someone who could use a friend!

This doesn't have to be a big party... you can just throw out a waterside or give your kids some water balloons to fill up.  Encourage your child to invite someone from school or the neighborhood that they think might need a friend.

Host a teddy bear drive
Some fire stations and police stations accept stuffed animals to give to the scared kids who they end up helping to comfort them.

Fun Ways to Serve with Kids This Summer - Idea #2: Host a Teddy Bear Drive

You can read my post about the fun we had doing that here.  Be sure to take your camera because you might even get to take a tour!
**Call ahead of time to find out if that particular station is accepting them and if they have any guidelines for what they can and cannot accept.

Volunteering gets a bad reputation, but it can be lots of fun!

Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #3 Volunteer (and how to make it more fun!)

The key to successful volunteering is to find what the child is interested in & to find something in that area.  For example... if your child is interested in reading, volunteer at the library.  Or if they are interested in animals, volunteer at the Animal Shelter or a non-profit like Resolution Horse Company.

Use flowers and weeds make a cute card for someone.
(free printable cards)
I’m a firm believer that cards are a simple way to make someone’s day.

Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #4 - Make a card out of pressed flowers or painted with dandelions... cute & easy!

If you add some pressed flowers from your yard, that just adds that extra element of love. I’m all about easy & this is something very easy!

Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #4 - Make a card out of pressed flowers or painted with dandelions... cute & easy!

If you have tons of dandelions staring you down, have your children go pick them & then they can “paint with dandelions”.  Download the blank templates for the above cards here

Make someone's day with chalk.
Chalk is the perfect way for kids to have fun and to cheer someone up.
Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #5 - use chalk to make someone's day! 

Write a message on someone’s driveway, or give them a “heart-attack” by drawing hearts all over their driveway.  It will cheer them up for days! 

Food Bank Scavenger Hunt
(free printable)
The food bank is constantly in need of food. Summer isn't typically the busiest season for them, so it’s a great time to gather food for them.

Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #6 - Have a scavenger hunt to find food to donate to your local food bank!

To make it more fun for kids, use my free printable scavenger hunt for kids to have a healthy competition and go door to door around your neighborhood to see what they can gather.  (download it via Google Drive here!)
Host a neighborhood bike or car wash
By offering to wash kids’ bikes or people’s cars for free, you’re offering them a service! It’s a great thing that people would appreciate!

Fun Ways to Serve with Your Kids This Summer: Idea #7 - Host a neighborhood carwash or bike wash... fun!

Or, if you'd rather get donations, talk to your children beforehand. There are so many great charities out there, it will be even more fun and meaningful for your child if they get to pick which charity the funds go to -- don’t forget to make posters & announce that you’re having one on FB so all of your neighbors, friends and family know to stop by!  You might be surprised at all of the support you get while trying to help a good cause!
(see that awesome pink Glide Bike?!  I have a giveaway for it below!)

I've created a Summer Service Calendar filled with ideas on how you can serve this Summer with your kiddos!  Download it here via Google Drive or here for the super cute ones Studio 5 made!

Download a free Summer Service Advent Calendar filled with easy ideas for how you can serve with your kids this Summer!

Oh, and don't forget to sign up for my Mommy & Me Monthly Service Challenge!  I'll send you easy ideas like this every month!

One last thing!  I've teamed up with Glide Bikes so one of my lucky readers can enter to win one!

Glide Bikes are these awesome pedal-less bikes that help kids learn how to balance!  As some of you may know, Paige has Apraxia, Dyspraxia & Sensory Processing Disorder.   

(read our Apraxia story here)

We've been working with an occupational therapist & a physical therapist.  I asked her OT what she suggested about bikes for Paige.  She suggested that she get some sort of balance bike.  She also mentioned that because of her condition, it might take her longer to learn how to ride it (or any bike).

We've been practicing as often as our schedule & the weather permit & she's been improving!  It's so fun to watch her make progress and learn each day!  Balance Bikes are awesome quality & have a cute design.  Paige loves riding it and she often asks to go outside to ride it.  I have no complaints about it at all!

Cute Glide Balance Bike!

I highly recommend any of the cute Glide Bikes for anyone (special needs or not)!

BTW, Paige was so cute washing it for the pictures above... she wanted to get every speck of dirt off of it!  

(read more about Glide Bikes here)

Now... onto the giveaway!

Enter to win here! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Also, you might want to enter my other Summer giveaway here!


*I was given a Glide Bike to review for this giveaway.  All opinions are 100% my own!


  1. I love the notes with the flower prints, cute!

  2. I would probably go with the blue one. They're all really cool!

  3. This is an awesome post! I think a lot of people just focus on having fun with their kids, but you've found a way to have fun and serve others!

  4. A good list.. kids should learn to volunteer and donate at an early age. Good one!

    1. I agree... it's never too early to start teaching kids to serve! Thanks for stopping by & for the sweet comment! xo

  5. I would love the blue mini glider for my special needs son!

  6. I've seen these awesome glide bikes around my neighborhood and the kids seem to love them! I'm in the process of adopting two sweet kiddos both would love to share this bike in lime green! Also, love the volunteer ideas! I've been searching high and low for fun productive learning experiences this summer!

  7. Love the neighborhood bike "car" wash. Great idea, my girls will love it!

  8. These are amazing ideas!! So fun!! I love Summer - it is the BEST!

  9. I would get the red mini glider because it's gender neutral and both my son and younger daughter could use it. I love this post! I served with my son today and took pictures so I could email you.

  10. I like blue or orange for my boys!

  11. SHERRIE C.

    I love the Pink Mini Glider. Thanks :)


  12. Great ideas, Michelle! Love sharing about ways to serve with your kiddos with other mamas, too :)

  13. I think my son would love the Orange Go Glider with Air Tires. Love the bikes!

  14. Awesome ideas! I love serving others and involving my kids. Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is awesome Michelle! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. These are fantastic ideas! My 4 kids and I will use this as a resource this summer. Thank you!

    Play to Learn Preschool

  17. Oh I would love the Mini Glider in the Blue! That would be so great to teach Carter to balance!

  18. I like the go glider in Orange the best or the orange mini glider I have three boys at different stages.

  19. my daughter would love pink- it would be the cats meow!
    kellythompson747 @ yahoo . com

  20. I love these ideas for serving others. I am calling our local fire department right now to see if they accept teddy bears.

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

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  23. Orange ezee glider would be the pick for my house.

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  26. I would pick the Super Glider in Blue!

    {PS I love your blog and just highlighted it on my blog today!}

  27. Oh, these look really great! I have one child with balance issues and this would be a great way for him to participate on our bike rides. He's 5 and still rides a trike. I would say... blue!

  28. Such great ideas! Love the pressed flower idea!

    I think my son would like the red Mini Glider!

  29. I would choose the Go Glider with Air Tires in blue for my grandson.

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  32. I like the go glider in blue.

  33. I love the pink go glider or the larger one for my daughter!

  34. Great ideas! I love the pink go glider for my daughter. Thank you for this post!

  35. I'm delighted to see others wanting to teach their kids to serve. We do this as well. Our kids are pretty caring already and I know it will only get better. The world has too many needs not to help out. Thanks for linking at #pintasticpinterestingparty

  36. I would choose the mini glider in blue or red for my son.

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  38. We would pick the red mini glider.

  39. I would pick the Go Glider in blue

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  41. I would choose the go glider in blue.

  42. I would choose the go glider in blue.

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  44. i would choose the Pink Mini Glider w/ EVA Tires

  45. If I won, I'd pick the Orange Ezee Glider.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

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  48. We did the thinking of you cards. Thanks for a great idea! My daughter is almost 2. She really enjoyed the flower picking

  49. I forgot to say we would chose the pink one!


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