March 25, 2014

SLP Recommended Books for Kids with Apraxia
Let's Talk Tuesday is a bi-weekly series with ideas & resources for promoting healthy speech development for your children (of any ability), but especially those with Apraxia, Autism, speech disorders or late talkers.  I am not a speech therapist, but I am a mom of child with Apraxia.  I share these ideas in hopes that they will help someone else.  You can view all of the Let's Talk Tuesday posts here.  

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You all seemed to love our SLP Recommended Toys & SLP Recommended Books (for all kids) posts, so I thought we'd take it one step further.  I know many of your children have different speech disorders & delays (you can read our Apraxia story here), so I thought I'd team up again with some of my favorite speech therapists to bring you some more specific recommendations.

Today's recommendations are books for kids with Apraxia. 

We are also working on some upcoming posts with other Speech Therapist Recommendations (for other speech disorders and delays), so be sure to sign up for our newsletter, because I'd hate for you to miss them! 

by Eileen Christelow
Suggested Age Range: 4 and up

For kids with Apraxia, I recommend books with a lot of repetition, rhyming and predictive text. This is a great book to focus on the bilabial sounds /b/ (bed) and /m/ (mama, more, monkeys) and the final /d/ sound (bed, head, said). Other general vocabulary includes off, bumped, call, doctor, and jump as well as the numbers 1-5. I also recommend getting the little monkey finger puppets and making the book "come to life" by acting out the book as you read! SO much fun!

Katie Yeh, MA CCC-SLP
Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist
Tiny Steps Speech Therapy
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
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by Teri K. Peterson
Suggested Age Range: 2-6 yrs

This is a great book for early talkers or non-verbal/minimally verbal kids. It's illustrations encourage gestures, sound effects and early words.

The Adventures of Polo
by Regis Faller
Suggested Age Range: 3-9 yrs

This is one in a series of wordless story books with beautiful clear illustrations that you can use to elicit a wide range of speech and language from children.

Snip Snap!: What's That?
by Mara Bergman
Suggested Age Range: 3-7 yrs

This is a lovely book with lots of repeating words and phrases. There are also lots of good sound effects, great verb vocabulary and encourages lots of involvement.


Carol M. Fast, MSPA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist at
Carol M. Fast LLC
Ann Arbor, MI
Speech & Language app developer at Serious Tree 

(she's the one that created one of our top 3 favorite apps, Speech Stickers)


by Nina Laden
Suggested Age Range: Birth-5

I like this book because it is simple and fun with repetitive text. With it you could easily work on the inital /p/ sound, the medial /k/ sound, or the vowel sounds a (as in up) or u (as in who).

by Sandra Boynton
Suggested Age Range: Birth-5

This is a fun book that highlights animal sounds. It is humorous and motivating. It would be easy to use cloze phrases and allow your child to fill in the next word.

Michelle Thomas M.Ed. CCC-SLP 
Speech Language Pathologist
Browning Speech Therapy
Salt Lake City, UT
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Pete the Cat:
by Eric Litwin
Suggested Age Range: 3-8 years 

This is a fun book that even has a song that can be Googled to go along with it. Repetitive, predictable books are great for kids with Apraxia and this one doesn’t disappoint. The phrase “I love my ____ shoes” is repeated throughout the book. It’s great because it affords the child the opportunity to work on the carrier phrase “I love my” while adding a novel word each time to switch up the motor plan slightly. When my daughter was only at one word utterances, I would read the story pausing before the word ‘shoe’ and wait for her to fill in the word. When she was using more phrases, I would have her repeat the entire repetitive phrase! What’s more, is that since the book is set to a song, you can also touch on prosody or the melody of speech, which is frequently affected to some extent in kids who have Apraxia.  View Laura's full blog post dedicated to a lesson with Pete the Cat here.

Are You a Cow?
Sandra Boynton
Suggested Age Range: 1-5 years old

I picked this book, because my daughter had to learn how to say the word “no.” Nothing comes easy with Apraxia, even a powerful word most little guys learn early. This book is fun and colorful, and she loved it. Also repetitive in nature, it goes through various animals asking, “Are you a _____?” and the then on each page answers “no.” Once my daughter was able to say ‘no’ she was still saying it inconsistently. Variations included “ho” “doe” and once in awhile “no.” This was a fun way to get our practice in saying this word!

The Jacket I Wear in the Snow
Shirley Neitzel
Suggested Age Range: 3-8 

This book is once again, another repetitive style book complete with rebus pictures. Layers of winter clothes are first put on and then taken off. I can usually find one item of clothing that fits whatever speech goal I have for a kid. It also is a rhyming book, which is good for early phonemic awareness skills. I also have a more detailed description of my therapy idea to go along with this book here.

Laura Smith, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist
Lowry Speech Therapy
Denver, CO

So there you have it!  Some awesome book recommendations for kids with Apraxia!  I know I'll be buying some of these books & getting some from the library... what about you?  

What's your Apraxic Child's favorite book? 

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